Anchor Options

Foam Door Anchor

The Foam door anchor is included in your Pilatesstick Bodysculpting System. Follow the instructions on the Media link on the homepage and insert the foam anchor in the door.


FitStrap Center Door Attachment

The FitStrap is our preferred way to attach your Pilatesstick at home. It wraps around your door from top to bottom and gives you options as to the height of your Pilatesstick attachment. You can leave it on the door and open and close it.


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Wall Mount Anchor

The Wall Mount Anchor is an attachment that you can permanently attach to your wall. Simply purchase the mount and go to Home Depot for the appropriate screw set to attach it. They will give you details based on your wall type as to how to attach it. Use the included carabiner with small strap to attach your Pilatesstick. Attach one High and one Low for Cadillac and Reformer work.


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Ballet Bar Attachment

The Ballet Bar Attachment wraps around your Ballet Bar and gives you a buckle to attach your Carabiner with short strap to. The carabiner with short strap is included in the Pilatesstick Bodysculpting Kit.


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